Our Practices

Integrated expertise

to accelerate value creation

At CMG the whole is truly greater than the sum of its parts.

Our Strategy, Commercialization, Performance Transformation, and Analytics & Insights practices include very powerful and unique capabilities. We tackle challenges within each of these disciplines better than anyone else.

Through a continuous cycle of planning, launching, assessing, and refining, we help you set direction with agility and rigor, accelerate in-market execution, and optimize program and team performance.


Setting Direction with Rigor

We pioneer new ways of establishing connections between brands and customers. Whether you’re contemplating how to optimize your marketing technology investment or thinking through a new digital strategy, we collaborate with you to develop and measure the most effective plan of attack.

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  • Marketing technology strategy
  • Brand strategy and planning
  • Digital strategy
  • And more…


Devising Spot-on Activation Strategies and Bringing Them to Market

We’ve launched countless products, services, and brands to grow market share and drive incremental revenue. And like you, we know the importance of establishing a strategy with an eye to the actual implementation. Let us help you with both and feel confident that your critical commercialization initiatives are successful.

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  • Brand activation
  • Go-to-market strategy and execution
  • Customer engagement
  • And more…


Accelerating Value Creation Through Team and Process Transformation

We embed with some of the world’s most successful marketing teams to train them in bleeding-edge marketing tactics. Signature approaches like agile marketing accelerate our clients’ performance with flexible planning and collaboration around measurable objectives, clear roles, and rapid learning cycles.

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  • Agile Marketing
  • Change management
  • KPI design and implementation
  • And more…

Analytics and Insights

Actionable Insights Developed by Marketers, for Marketers

You seek insights. Meaningful, executable, data-driven insights that ensure you feel confident that you’re making sound marketing decisions. Our Analytics & Insights team is a unique blend of marketers and analytics experts. Let us help you isolate core performance drivers and develop the critical learnings that push marketing performance up and to the right.

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  • Performance and Planning
  • Customer Insights and Market Intelligence
  • Analytical Capabilities Assessment
  • And more…