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Marketing Technology Strategy

Generate more revenue with existing platforms. Invest in future technologies with confidence

Boost The Impact of Your Marketing Technology

Marketing technology enables marketers to reach customers on their terms. Those that do it right can capture significantly more marketing attributable revenue. However, our research shows that over half of marketers cannot measure how effective their technology is or how much revenue is being left on the table. A good marketing technology strategy should:

  • Increase

    Our clients have more than doubled marketing attributable revenue.

  • Leverage

    No additional marketing technology spend is needed to start. A good strategy identifies and starts with current systems that are under utilized.

  • Enable

    Future investments should no longer go to the best product salesman but to the technology that deliberately supports revenue goals.

  • Facilitate

    Our digital world cannot wait for strategies to be bullet proof. A marketing technology strategy must be accelerated and applied in real time.

Be Agile and Execute Immediately

Focus on results not technology. Setting a clear direction, enabling agility and embedding measurement is a clear way to boost the impact of your marketing technology investment.




One of the primary concerns for marketers today is the ability to move fast and leverage the right technologies. Our strategic marketing technology solutions help all marketers become technology agnostic and business focused.

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Deliver Tangible Results

A marketing technology strategy helps the marketing organization ensure every technology is delivering tangible results. Our approach focuses on higher ROI activities that can be scaled and sustained. We know successful use of marketing technologies can increase ROI by 141%.



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Proven Impact

For one of our clients we recently identified over $15 million of uncaptured marketing attributable revenue. Leveraging our 13 point marketing technology system, we quickly developed a marketing technology strategy that was accelerated across several product categories. We helped design, build and lead two of these acceleration teams. The approach yielded immediate increases in revenue and embedded clear value added processes throughout the organization.

Increase Channel Partner Value

Our client sought to significantly increase revenue with one of their eCommerce channel partners. The channel marketing team thought a new analytics technology was needed to meet their goals. Our assessment identified new technology requirements yet found revenue goals could be met with current analytics technologies. In partnership with our Analytics & Insights practice, we identified shopping experience improvements and areas to increase digital marketing spend. In the end, we beat traditional sales performance and incorporated processes that have the potential to support over 10% of their entire channel revenue goals for 2016 with a handful of SKU’s.


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How We Help

We seek to maximize your current investments while preparing the organization to make the necessary new ones. We leverage proven methods that focus on the 13 points of our marketing technology management system. Our focus allows us to assess current performance and quantify marketing technology potential, create targeted strategies and customized activation roadmaps, and develop systems that allow your organization to keep a pulse on the constantly evolving marketing technology landscape.


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