Our focused expertise drives growth intitiatives across a broad range of industries including education, healthcare, industrial, and telecom/MSO.


Wireless operators, cable companies, and telecom and network service providers face continuous disruption. Wireless firms operate in an environment of market saturation, high demand for a new spectrum, exploding mobile data demand, and new business models driven by challenger brands and increasing Wi-Fi coverage. Cable operators face over-the-top providers winning market share while video programming costs outpace pricing. And telecommunications providers continue to see their consumer voice business decline while nimble IP competitors battle for fiber business customers.

No one is immune to disruption in this market. This reality brings big challenges, but also offers new and often profitable opportunities. Since 1998, CMG has been providing strategic advice and practical execution to companies experiencing disruption. Our experience with clients such as British Telecom, Charter, Comcast, Level 3, MediaCom, Sprint, Virgin Media, and Windstream gives us the chops to help you relentlessly pursue growth and profitability in seas of complexity and change.

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Mark Chinn, Mark Schweitzer, Ray Taylor, Stephen McPhail, Maria Trysla

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Launching a New Wireless Service in a Competitive Marketplace


“In today’s tech and media world, where so many companies are finding unique ways to engage their customer base, the competition is close. Success requires more than ideas—it requires speed, clear communication, responsiveness, and streamlined processes.”


Today, commercial manufacturing companies are facing multiple challenges in product development, commercialization, and meeting new customer expectations. There are a lot of new faces in the industrial sector along with steady demands for growth and the expanding role of marketing technology.

CMG has specialized experience in helping commercial B2B and B2C companies like Philips, Eaton, LeGrand, and a leading industrial manufacturer realize their potential in today’s highly digital, personalized marketplace. We offer intelligent research, proven strategies, and market activation consulting to help you design and execute an exceptional, end-to-end customer experience that will keep you ahead of the game, instead of racing to catch up.

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Randy Delgado, Andrew Struhs

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Industrial Manufacturer


“We seek to understand what capabilities a business needs to build in order to enhance customer experience, access to information, and the sales process in a way that will engage digital natives, while still strengthening the personal relationships a business depends on.”


Pressure to address the healthcare consumer’s demand for direct, digital connections while maintaining high-quality patient care, protecting privacy, and complying with regulations is a lot to tackle. At the same time, the sector is shifting from a quasi-indirect marketing model to a more direct B2C model. The learning curve will be steep, but there are solutions for CMOs ready to take on the challenge.

CMG got its start helping companies going through major market transformations. We’ve worked with companies like MedAmerica, Eli Lilly, and Blue Cross Blue Shield that have faced changes due to technology and regulation—similar to what you face today. Where some see giant obstacles, we see opportunity. As thinkers and doers, we help healthcare marketers optimize strategy and execution in a way that turns change into advantage and transformation into results.

Expert Team Members

Randy Delgado, Andrew Struhs

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Agile for Marketing


To say that changes are afoot in the healthcare industry in an understatement. But CMG got its start helping companies undergoing transformations; so as the sector shifts and consumers demand change, we’re ready for the challenges ahead.


The digital transformation in consumer behavior doesn’t just apply to shopping, texting, and streaming. Today’s student is a new breed shaped in the digital age—whether they’re an undergraduate or a professional seeking continuing education. This is causing a change in education that impacts new models for delivery, tools to support educators, institutions, and students, and an influx of competitive solutions.

With change, comes opportunity. Applying broad experience in B2C and B2B marketing, CMG works with universities like Duke and UNC as well as companies like BARBRI, Ellucian, BlackBoard, and Ascend Learning to help identify market opportunities, evaluate and improve student experiences, and formulate go-to-market and branding strategies. We believe in the spirit of inquiry and the pursuit of ideas that lead to smart strategy and practical execution.

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Rich Beatty,  Leah Rios EwaskoRandy Delgado, Andrew Struhs

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Leading U.S. Communications and Technology Provider


Today’s student is unlike any other—connected, plugged-in, and shaped in the information age. Where some see antiquated tools and delivery models in the face of shiny new challengers—we see new market opportunities.