Go-to-Market Strategy and Activation

Bringing a new product or service to market is challenging, with hundreds of factors to consider before building a launch plan.  Leaders often ask several key questions entering a launch:  do I have the right talent and resources available to ensure success, and how can our team work effectively across functions with our internal partners?  Our team of practitioners, with years of in-field go-to-market experience, seamlessly integrate with your organization to provide the dedicated launch leadership and support you need.

The other critical, but often overlooked, factor is the customer.  Providing value to the customer is where all go-to-market plans should start. But in the rush to launch a product or service, companies often take shortcuts on this fundamental element.

We’ll work with you to ensure the customer is at the forefront while establishing launch readiness across workstreams including pricing strategy, product specifications, customer positioning and messaging, marketing and advertising planning and budgeting, customer operations, and developing sales and service capabilities through training materials and field onboarding.

Our ongoing leadership, executional support, and project management in Product, Pricing, Marketing, Sales, Service, and Operations will help you drive alignment, adapt to unforeseen factors, and deliver the value to delight your customers.



Strategy built on delivering customer value via Outside-In, Inside-Out approach

Cross functional, operational alignment within Product, Pricing, Marketing, Sales, Service, and Operations

Ongoing executional leadership with in-field support

Our Services

  • New Product Development and Launch Planning
  • Pricing Performance Analysis and Strategy Development
  • Channel / Partner Development Strategy
  • Marketing Planning & Communications
  • Demand Creation / Generation
  • Campaign Development
  • Product Management