Brand Strategy & Activation

Customers today are overwhelmed by choice.  Brands that can effectively deliver on customers’ immediate needs and anticipate how they evolve in the future will earn customers’ attention and loyalty. Whether you are looking to create or revitalize a brand, CMG is your partner to develop a brand that drives growth through its relevance, expression of your company’s values and culture, and ability to evolve.  We take an outside-in/inside-out approach, finding critical points of alignment between customer needs and your company’s mission, culture, and capabilities.

Built for activation in addition to planning and strategy, CMG develops integrated internal and external brand launch plans designed to drive employee and customer engagement across all touch points.  Our experienced team provides hands-on support to activate your brand initiatives with a 360 degree approach that includes tactical messaging, website reworks, PR programs that reach customers, partners, and suppliers, training materials, and launch events.


Brand Reach and Impact

The Brand has a powerful impact across a wide range of constituents

The Brand resonates far beyond the customer and therefore requires alignment across all company functions 

Not just a Marketing stewardship, but a shared effort across the company and all of its employees

Specific brand launch messaging initiatives typically supported by Executives, Marketing, Sales, Customer Support, PR, Investor Relations, HR

Our Services

  • Brand Evaluation
  • Brand Messaging & Guidelines
  • Brand Promise, Messaging Platform, Voice & Tone Development
  • Marketplace and Competitive Assessment
  • Training, Education & Employee Engagement Strategy & Execution
  • Internal Launch Strategy & Execution
  • External Launch Strategy & Execution
  • Naming