Delivering growth through strategy and activation built with in field, executional experience

We don’t just build ideas. We set them in motion.


Setting strategy is important, but we know that the most effective strategies are those built through the lens of execution.  Our team is comprised of practitioners – talented consultants with years of in field, executional experience gained in management roles similar to yours.  We help our clients elevate their planning and go-to-market efforts by combining strategy with laser focus on execution.

Not a “deck for a check” type of company, CMG’s collaborative process ensures your understanding of how to compete and win – by identifying the tactics, resources, budget and channels to make it happen. You’ll walk away with results, and personnel who are better prepared to replicate what they’ve learned in future initiatives.

 Our Approach

Our commercialization approach starts with an outside-in analysis. We identify what your customers value so that we can understand how to better deliver on their needs and expectations. We merge these findings with an inside-out assessment to ensure that what you deliver to your customers aligns with your company’s capabilities and business goals.

This hybrid approach is informed by secondary research and in-depth interviews of customers, prospects, executives, key internal stakeholders, and industry leaders to create a tailored and comprehensive strategy.

To transform this strategy into meaningful growth, our team will partner with you on execution, from planning to implementation. Along this journey, we help your team to navigate challenges and analyze in-market results to deliver actionable insights and refine your plan for greater impact.


Our Team

Rich Beatty II
Rich Beatty
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Leah Rios Ewasko
Senior Director, Commercialization Practice Lead
Carlo Mirasol
Senior Manager
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Nathan Stanley
Senior Manager
Elisabeth Wurmser