Moment of Truth

Launching a New Wireless Service in a Competitive Marketplace

A Changing Landscape

The past few years have yielded significant changes for our client, a leading telecommunications and technology provider. The changes have included shifts in the usage habits of core customers, consolidation of competition through mergers and acquisitions, and increased technological advancements. These developments led to a quest for new revenue opportunities to maintain their market position.

As a result, one ripe opportunity identified was to enter the wireless marketplace, but this was an industry sector with which they had no experience. Fortunately, CMG does. So, they asked us to help develop the mobile strategy and support the launch of a new offering to realize this potential.

The challenge was not only developing a new service in a tough, competitive market, but making sure that the service was unique enough to cut through the clutter in one of the highest spend categories in today’s consumer marketplace.  CMG’s focus included:

  • Develop a compelling messaging strategy for the wireless offering
  • Define the go-to-market tactics to engage prospects
  • Manage resource planning and allocation to support the launch
  • Build an analytics platform that would sufficiently monitor the results


In addition to the marketplace challenges, our client faced an internal challenge due to a lack of resources available to support this new wireless service. Based on our proven go-to-market capabilities and extensive knowledge and experience in the wireless space, our client’s executive leadership team entrusted CMG to lead marketing efforts from concept to reality.

CMG assumed all marketing responsibilities, including organizing the structure of the marketing team so it could adapt for launch and post-launch needs. Once the organizational design was completed, we proceeded with primary and secondary research to uncover insights that served as the foundation for all marketing-related activities.

This led to the development of several important facets of the strategic approach:

  • Targeting: we built personas and identified specific groups within our client’s subscriber base who would be receptive to switching to a new wireless service.
  • Product Feature Strategy: we partnered with the product development team to make sure the product features would support the value proposition and differentiate our client’s wireless service in the marketplace.
  • Pricing Strategy: we constructed and ran multiple models to determine the appropriate pricing that fit our target market and drove demand.
  • Positioning and Messaging Strategy: we established a positioning and messaging architecture that allowed our client’s new service to differentiate itself and cut through pricing-driven “sameness” of the wireless category.


Building on the foundation, we created and executed a comprehensive go-to-market plan starting with the development of the overall creative brief for the client’s agency partners. We rolled up our sleeves and immersed ourselves in the day-to-day execution, working with multiple agencies and cross-functional client teams to lead the review and approval process to get us to launch.

Our launch plan reflected an integrated approach that communicated a unique value proposition and one that only our client could offer – bundling their new wireless offering with their high-speed Internet service and charging customers only for the 4G LTE data they used.

Additionally, we collaborated with Business Intelligence, Finance, and Marketing teams to establish marketing analytics for the service and incorporate them into the client’s business analysis platform as a new line of business.


Our efforts proved to be instrumental in helping the client realize a highly successful introduction of this new service. We partnered with them from day one to develop and deliver a unique proposition in an intensely competitive marketplace, one that fueled an incredibly impactful launch.

This was validated on launch day when communications garnered over 300MM impressions, 20,000+ visits to the website, and most importantly, orders that netted a 2x lift over launch projections.  It was a record-breaking day for our client!

What we accomplished and set in place will provide marketing direction as the product moves forward beyond launch to ongoing management.

Potential Realized

As we have accomplished with other products for our clients, CMG partnered with the client team to develop and implement the go-to-market function and supporting initiatives from concept to reality. In doing this, we earned the trust and respect of decision-makers, as well as reinforced our reputation of not just understanding what it takes to launch a product, but understanding what it takes to launch a product successfully.