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Working Agreement for Remote Teams

Just a week ago, many of us were still dropping by each other’s offices and working in shared spaces. In a remotework reality, much of the work hasn’t changed, but we’re seeking to do it virtually as a team. With nonstop news updates, children at home in need of continued education, and no shortage of other concerns, how do we use video, phone, and email to connect with our teams and our work?

A solid WorkingAgreement (aka TeamContract) can help us balance distractions and navigate a variety of digital channels to work better as a team. We have to be more intentional in the way we connect to minimize coordination cost and feel human in a digital environment. This agreement sets team expectations and adds some certainty in an uncertain time.

As many of you virtually kick off with your teams, we’ve included a template and a few examples of working agreements for you to use.

Pro tips as you get started:

• Use your video! It enhances emotional connection, allows you to read the room, and builds better (virtual) trust

• Allow flexibility as you figure out what works; revisit your working agreement every couple of weeks, especially if your remote reality is changing

• Add a team happy hour or coffee chat to your weekly meetings – office fun is just as important during wfh!