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Understanding Demand Generation

Demand generation is much more than the sum total of your marketing and branding efforts to promote your company products and services. It’s everything you do to expand your reach into new markets, promote innovation, and create excitement with existing and prospective customers. Effective demand generation is baked into your marketing strategy.

CMG has proven expertise creating demand-generation strategies that create and nurture long-term relationships with prospects and customers. We’ll help you understand the opportunity and implement a cohesive program that permeates your company and informs all of your marketing and sales efforts.

 CMG’s Approach for Demand Generation

  1. Identify a Need – We’ll give you strategies to make customers aware that your solution addresses a need that they may or may not realize they have.
  2. Introduce Yourself – Once consumers realize they have a need, we’ll help you elevate your company’s competitive differentiators to offer as a potential option to remedy that problem.
  3. Execute Aggressively – In communicating a solution, we’ll assist you in developing compelling content that engages with your audience and provides thought leadership.
  4. Continual Optimization – In the vein of continuous improvement, we’ll work with you to optimize your demand-generation efforts by monitoring key performance indicators and revising action plans for maximum impact.

Demand Generation vs. Lead Generation

A lot of people interchange demand generation and lead generation. While certainly within the same family, there are some important distinctions between the two. Think of demand generation as setting the groundwork for lead generation. Demand generation reveals to consumers that there is a need that your company can fill better than others. Building on this need and brand awareness, lead generation aggressively goes out and harvests contact information.

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