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What Is Customer Intimacy?

A more personalized approach to marketing means your customers connect to your brands and form deeper bonds. Customer intimacy modeling uses segmentation targeting to define customer wants and needs, enhancing the overall customer experience. Companies that focus on customer responsibility as part of an integrated business model are rewarded with customer loyalty and higher profits.

In today’s technology-driven market, customer intimacy-based business modeling requires cross-channel integration. Move beyond fleeting transactions and build long-term relationships by better understanding, anticipating, and meeting your customer needs with responsible actions. Customer targeting and segmentation allow for personalized connections between customers and the brands they trust.

Modeling your business for customer intimacy ensures long-term loyalty, organic growth, and increased profits. The value of your company’s products and services are objective, so understanding your customers’ needs reinforces their perception of your brand. In the digital marketplace, utilizing data across cross-channel touchpoints serves as a great way to build customer intimacy.

The Role of Value in Customer Intimacy

Customer intimacy is one of three cross-channel approaches to delivering superior customer value. Companies that excel at customer intimacy while striving for operational excellence and product leadership are able to narrow focus and model the business for success.

The biggest question your company needs to ask when building a customer intimacy model is:

  • Are your products and services valuable to customers?

If you’ve got a fantastic product but have a low customer experience ranking, it’s a good idea to reevaluate your value properties. The Harvard Business Review recently stated that customers don’t just value products based on quality and price anymore.

The modern concept of brand value is determined by:

  • Convenience
  • After-sale service
  • Dependability
  • Responsibility

Companies are expected to deliver reliable, quality service with each transaction. How do you increase customer retention and give them the attention they need to feel connected? The answer lies in data.

The Path to Customer Intimacy Modeling

Every time a customer interacts with your brand through email, social media or mobile messages is an opportunity for companies to collect data to better serve customers. From there, through customer segmentation, companies can use metrics to identify different groups of customers. Businesses then utilize customer targeting to select from those groups to personalize products, services, prices, messages, marketing, and delivery.

Strategies for Implementing Customer Intimacy Modeling

Ideas for Leaders suggests that there are several strategies to maintaining a customer-intimate model for your company:

  • Set goals for your company that ensure every employee integrates a customer-centric approach in their day to day activities—whether they face the customer or not.
  • Make your customer channels clear. Feedback, complaints, and sharing knowledge are a priority, and customer loyalty is the reward
  • Utilize metrics and collect targeting and segmentation data to build stronger, more personalized customer profiles. Strong net promoter scores, satisfaction and retention scores, and more can be used for promotional office bonuses—driving the incentive to drive up the value of customer experience.
  • Support platforms and CRM platforms should always be up to date.

Leading the Way

At CMG, we believe the way to strengthen customer relationships begins by looking at your company holistically. Our Agile for Marketing (A4M™) mindset and methodology narrow the path to customer intimacy by changing the culture of a company to work smarter, faster, and with the customer in mind. By looking at every customer touchpoint, we determine the value of your operations to your customers. This results in better customer service, loyalty, and organic growth across multiple channels.

Let’s talk and see how CMG can help you realize your potential.

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