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Transform Your Customer Experience With CMG

CMG applies a truly customized approach to customer experience. We lead successful customer experience-DNA transformation through a systematic approach to ensure you can activate the right CX-solution for the right employees at the right time. We can help you change your customer experience from within.

CMOs recognize that customer experience is a top priority — and a top challenge. At CMG, we don’t settle for legacy methods of infusing customer focus from an external perspective, because these methods fall short in today’s market. We can help you empower your employees and implement a comprehensive CX-DNA transformation to know your audience, communicate with precision, and truly engage.

As a business hoping to improve customer experience, you may think the only change should be the face of the company. But being truly customer-focused requires a transformation that is more than skin deep. That means CX-DNA change involves all employees across the board — from sales and marketing to HR and legal. At CMG, we know how to create CX improvements that have a real impact on the success of your business.

CMG Consulting Strategies Fuel Customer Experience

Every business ultimately needs to ask, “”Who are my customers?“” Neglecting this crucial step can lead to disastrous consequencesBut is an external focus on customer engagement really the way to inspire true transformation? At CMG, we don’t settle for a one-size-fits-all approach to CX improvement. Legacy methods of infusing customer focus from “”the face of the company”” fall short in today’s market.

CX Transformation Starts With Your Employees

Why fixate on the surface of customer experience when you can infuse CX with your employees before even reaching your customers? At CMG, we truly believe being customer-focused requires a change that is more than skin deep — it requires a transformation of the very DNA of a company. Consulting with us means you’re taking customer experience seriously at a cultural level.

How do we incorporate a comprehensive, deep plunge into CX-DNA transformation?

1. We evaluate how personality and differing job roles convey influence.

Knowing your audience is crucial. The downfall of many CX activations is the top-down approach to delivering message. This method fails to involve all employee roles, personalities, and subcultures — which are crucial in their own ways.

CMG doesn’t deliver singular messages void of personal relevance and true cultural identity. We recognize and utilize the value of each role and personality. Why? Because in today’s ever-changing market, personality is more important than ever.

2. We communicate with precision. 

It’s true that many companies are beginning to hone the skill of personalization, but successful companies take personalization beyond the surface. Communicating with precision is two-fold: You have to analyze your internal audience for its level of influence and be able to convey messages with programs that are helpful, meaningful, and relevant to each person’s particular role in CX.

CMG has worked with its clients to activate customer experience throughout all levels of their firms, which requires a nuanced, layered approach. We can help you do the same, maximizing influence of corporate leadership and what we call “”CX Change Agents”” to affect awareness, engagement, and deployment.

3. We engage beyond communication. 

To deliver a truly exceptional customer experience, you have to go beyond basic communication or recruiting efforts. A new CX DNA needs to be continually infused into company culture to enhance the delivery of high performance and continuous improvement in CX at all levels.

Until you’ve examined every aspect of your company for customer impact, you can’t diagnose an illness or measure your health. Carry out your company’s new CX focus with CMG. We exist to convert possibility into awareness and understanding into results.

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