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Top Marketing Growth Strategies For Your Business

The goal is growing your business, and that goal affects everything from budgets to marketing. You need the right business growth strategies at every stage of the game in order to ensure that your business is not only growing, but doing so in a scalable and sustainable way. How can you not only embrace change, but create it? Adopt an agile approach.

When it comes to growing your business, a single misstep can cost you time, money, and reduce your chances of success. You wonder, Am I headed for success? Or is this going to fail? But taking risks and achieving growth is important. You deserve the peace of mind to know whether you’re on the right track or need to improve your strategy to be more effective.

From small businesses to larger, established firms, business growth and development hinges on developing the right business growth strategies. All businesses need strategies that provide the flexibility and innovation to propel your dream forward.

Business Growth — The Agile Way

The choice is yours: Be agile or follow the status quo. At CMG, we pride ourselves on offering Agile for Marketing (A4M) solutions to help businesses move up and to the right. We help businesses use data to inform quick test-and-learn activities and rapidly adjust to the market. We help them adopt an empowering mindset that inspires change.

We believe agility practices are the number one business growth strategy CMOs can use to increase profits and revenues. Agile for Marketing accomplishes the following:

  • Creates a customer-centric environment
  • Improves speed-to-market
  • Makes teams jointly accountable and more productive
  • Ranks activity according to priorities
  • Drives more relevant end-products
  • Increases throughput/velocity of work delivered

Keys to Business Growth Strategies

Have You Done These Yet?

1. Establish a value proposition. 

What makes you different from a competitor? What value do you offer that no other company can?

2. Identify your ideal customer.

Who is your audience? How will you target them? What needs will you meet for them, specifically?

3. Track results. 

Which key performance indicators (KPI) affect your business and how will you track them?

4. Invest in talent.

What is the mission of your company? Hire people who are inspired and passionate about your mission. They are the ambassadors and fuel for your brand.

5. Learn from others’ experience.

Are there companies who’ve mastered something you’re struggling with? How is your solution better able to meet a client’s needs? Comparing notes with a competitor could reveal your own blind spots.

Benefit from The Experts

So you’re confident in your company and believe it has the potential to expand? No one can guarantee long-term success or predict if what you’re doing now will work in the future. Working with experienced marketing practitioners can give you the perspective you need to be prepared. You deserve to succeed.

At CMG, we have helped dozens of companies to understand the potential (and the challenges) of new opportunities. We’ve helped them convert understanding into initiatives that provide the best return on investment.

Competition is fierce, resources are scarce and the landscape changes by the day. Some see this as a challenge. We say: bring it on.

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