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3 Strategic Branding Solutions

Strategic branding in a technology-driven digital marketplace can be daunting. But when done right, digital marketing for branded content is 70% more effective than magazines, direct mail, and PR. To achieve success, your brand strategy should engage customers, establish a clear identity, and stay relevant and timely. Here are a few tips on how to achieve a standout strategic branding campaign.

In today’s cross-channel marketplace, a successful brand strategy needs to be personal. Marketing for branded content has the potential to be over 70% more effective than print publications and PR. Listed below is an outline for a successful strategic branding campaign designed to keep you focused and your customers happy.

In the new digital marketplace, a good strategic branding campaign should center on simplicity and timing. From research and brand development to launch strategies, any good modern branding strategy should incorporate cross-channel promotion. After all, digital marketing for branded content is about 70% more effective than magazines, direct mail, and PR. This strategic branding outline can help you define your goals and bring in record profits with your next marketing campaign.

Strategic Branding with a Purpose

Once you’ve done your research, it’s time to define your brand to meet your company mission. These three strategic branding considerations can help any CMO or marketing director stay focused and on-target with his or her marketing campaign.

1. Engage Your Consumers

Know your audience. Cross-channel strategies and touchpoints are leading the way to better communication. Customers want to feel as though they are part of the action. Customers are more hyper-connected with the internet, mobile phones, and more, so they have infinite ways to connect with the brands they love at any time they choose.

  • Email drip campaigns for new product launches build hype and disperse crucial information.
  • Rebranding your products and services every few years is a good way to stay connected, keep your customers loyal, and gain new audiences.
  • Form new touchpoints by integrating social media options into your advertising. Start viral marketing campaigns, and think outside the box to bring innovation to your designs.

2. Establish Brand Identity

A brand is only as strong as its target audience. Simplifying your message and saying it clearly helps to cut through mixed messages and keep your clients happy. Stay consistent with your message or your customer base will leave you behind.

What benefits and features will your products and services offer your customers?

3. Stay Relevant and Timely

Timing is everything in branding. It’s not a good idea to release a new swimsuit line in mid-August. Your branding campaign should have research data analyzed and ready well before your product launch. It’s one thing to be relevant and create a product that meets consumer needs; it’s quite another to position your brand at the peak time for success. Marketing consultants can help you find the sweet spot.

Your Strategic Branding Solution

At CMG, people are the heart of our success. We work with you to pioneer new ways of establishing connections between brands and customers. From new product launch campaigns to thinking through a new customer experience, we are the architects of your next great idea.

Let’s talk and move your business up and to the right.

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