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Point-of-Sale Marketing Materials

Last-minute purchases add up! Impulse items net huge profits thanks in part to point-of-sale marketing materials. Whether your business is a retail outlet or your company website wants to give your customer last-minute options for their shopping carts, a point-of-sale marketing strategy could help you improve your net gains.

Customers appreciate convenience and are likely to tack on simple last-minute products to their shopping if they feel they’re getting a bargain or if it makes for a seamless transaction. Retailers, shops, and web marketers alike can boost profits and increase their net sales by incorporating point-of-sale (POS) marketing materials in their marketing strategies.

Point-of-sale marketing materials are most often add-ons and small ticket items that are purchased at checkout. Have you ever ordered a pizza online and been asked if you’d like to add on dessert for a discount? Grocery stores have “impulse display racks” filled with candy, drinks, and magazines for a reason. Businesses that employ point-of-sale materials in their marketing strategy can increase their profits and see huge results.

Point-of-Sale Marketing Materials

Marketers will develop flashy backdrops, lighting, posters, displays, price tags, and more to get their customers to spend just a little bit more than they would have at the time of checkout. From usefulness to pricing, there are several factors that determine the success of your point-of-sale marketing materials.

1. Usefulness

There are many uses for point-of-sale marketing materials. They work best if the products offered are rotated. Seasonal displays, holiday promotions, and sporting event banners are all marketing materials that cater to event-specific marketing.

Customers are motivated to pick up seasonal items such as seasonally marketed candy and new products such as a popular, recently released DVD. These materials carry urgency against other long-term impulse staples, such as sodas, gum, and batteries.

2. Prices

Customers are more likely to buy point-of-sale items if they are very low cost. Most retailers feature items that don’t exceed a dollar the closer the customer gets to the register. Specialty and seasonal items might sell regular market prices.

3. Digital Materials

Increasing every customer touchpoint is a winning strategy for any marketing department. In the digital age, your marketing materials could include website development, apps, mobile-ready emails, digital pop-ups in your customer shopping cart, and embedded links or coupons in emailed newsletters.

Many DVD rental kiosks will ask customers for their email address to sign them up for offers and other recurring impulse promotions. That’s marketing smart.

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