Moving Forward

What Next?

Today’s new normal. Our world has been turned upside down and we’ve been thrust into new realities that change daily. After talking with several clients over the last week, we imagine that you’re likely having the same emotional responses and dealing with the same fundamental question as we are:  “What do we do to deal with RIGHT NOW while ensuring we’re able to move business forward as soon as possible?”

Throughout our conversations, four imperatives, shown below, have become clear.

The scale and pace of disruption we’re dealing with means that what we’re solving for will be changing for quite some time.  Achieving these four imperatives gives us the ability to better deal with it all – hammering at our challenges while creating opportunities whenever and wherever possible.

At CMG we’re addressing these imperatives for our firm and our clients. To extend this help, we’ll be sharing tools and learnings in the coming days and weeks through our digital channels. In the meantime, please don’t hesitate to reach out if you’d like to talk through options for your own “What?” answer.

Best wishes in your journey,

Your Friends at CMG

Four Imperatives

  • Focus

    Focus first on the mental and physical well-being of our teams and customers as they are our greatest collective assets and reason for being in business. Especially now that people and teams are working remotely

  •  Accelerate

    Quickly accelerate digital transformation efforts to more rapidly engage with customers and enterprises in relevant ways, ensuring value is added in their lives.

  •  Act

    Democratize data-driven evidence to enable better decisions and actions.

  •  Deploy

    Rapidly define, develop, and deploy digital-first experiments, enabling now remote teams to quickly focus on critical test-learn-improve cycles in our disrupted markets.

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