Marketing Strategy Institute

Our Vision

The Marketing Strategy Institute (MSI) was designed to enable marketing organizations to accelerate their marketing strategies. We believe today’s marketers need to arm themselves with practical systems that allow them to become agile organizations. Strategies must be lean and applied quickly. Enabling all members of the marketing organization to have both a strategic and agile mindset is critical to success. We would like to support those that wish to push their teams and exceed customer expectations. The MSI is a place to start and support your strategic journey to revenue growth.

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Marketing Technology Strategy

Marketing technology is a determining factor of companies’ success in the digital age. The challenge marketers face today is the rising complexity that results from the proliferation of marketing technology. As the number of available technologies grows, so does the noise and the difficulty of remaining focused on what really matters.

Marketers need to change how they approach technology and refocus their efforts around business results. Those that commit to becoming technology agnostic and business focused can cut through the noise to get the most out of their existing technology and fill any gaps with the right solutions.

Our 13 point marketing technology system helps organizations build the capabilities needed to extract value from current systems, optimally manage technologies and enable intelligent technology acquisition.

Start by learning more about one of the most important elements of our system:

Download portfolio management canvas

Digital Marketing Strategy

In today’s world, all companies are digital companies. The importance of digital marketing is not only here to stay, it is increasingly important with the rise of Digital Natives. To this end, it is critical that CMOs define a Digital Marketing Strategy as a critical component within their overarching Marketing Strategy.

In putting together a Digital Marketing Strategy, you need to not only understand your digital assets, but who your digital consumers are and how they play within the digital landscape.

Start by developing digital personas:

Download digital persona canvas

CX Strategy

We recognize most successful marketers understand the importance of customer experience and customer centricity. These individuals have put together customer facing strategies, spent resources researching their customers, developed personas and constructed the ideal buying journeys. Yet they are the only ones within the organization that truly understand the business impact of customer experience.

Interestingly enough most successful marketers have often overlooked their responsibility to engage their internal constituents (non-marketing functions) into their customer experience strategy. We believe in order to become truly customer centric you must align and activate your internal cross functional teams.

We have developed an internal Customer Experience Activation System that allows marketers to develop engagement strategies that go well beyond traditional internal messaging approaches.

Start by understanding your current customer experience fan types:

Download CX fan type brief

Brand Activation

The true value of any brand is based on the targeted customer’s perception given an aggregation of every single interaction, touchpoint, usage, message or conversation. So when launching a new product or revitalizing a stagnant brand, how can you develop a brand activation approach that will yield results?

We believe there are four key steps necessary for any brand activation or revitalization.

  • Build an inside-out perspective
  • Build a fact-based outside-in perspective
  • Construct the brand architecture
  • Develop the go-to-market strategy

Below are two tools to get you started. The first will help you build an inside-out perspective on your brand and the second will help you construct a brand architecture.

Download inside-out interview guide

Download brand architecture framework