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Expected Results From Agile Marketing

In today’s technology-driven marketplace, the most profitable changes come from taking risks. There are many dynamics in social media advertising, data collection, customer touch points, technology budgeting and others that change every quarter, affecting your marketing bottom line.

Continuous improvement strategies — with the help of CMG, leaders in Agile Marketing — help companies reduce wasted resources, gain new customers, improve performance, and energize their workforce.

Work faster and smarter with continuous improvement in marketing performance. The agile marketing strategy shows improvement in processes, builds team morale, helps adapt to market changes, and spurs innovation. Over time, the method also increases the speed at which products reach the market.

At CMG, our Agile Marketing Operating System helps deliver better marketing results and a better ability to identify and capture market opportunities.

Marketing strategies designed for continuous improvement make your company stronger, faster, and smarter. With an ever-evolving marketing landscape, businesses must adapt to survive — the only way to do this is to experiment through iterative processes. Agile Marketing can reduce wasted resources, improve return on investment, and bolster team member satisfaction.

Continuous Improvement Delivers Better Marketing Results

According to a recent Forbes article, companies that apply Agile Marketing as part of a continuous improvement strategy are more likely to increase market growth.

Agile Marketing is a process of iterative testing and experimentation that assesses calculated risks and uses them to the company’s advantage. But wait — why would risky behavior mean improvement?

Barre Hardy and Nicolina Miller wrote in a recent CMO article for Adobe: “Iteration drives quick and intentional improvement; experimentation nurtures innovation.” A company can evolve dramatically with cycles of productivity that are repeated until desired results are reached — and beyond.

At CMG, our Agile for Marketing (A4M™) mindset and methodology transforms operations and addresses customer motivations through team-driven solutions.

How CMG’s Continuous Improvement Initiative Works

Leadership and Collaboration. With an Agile Marketing strategy, your CMO works with cross-functional teams to combine resources, reduce waste, and align objectives. A true leader engages his or her teams to collaborate on solutions and make decisions about their work. With agile marketing, groups are more confident and show initiative in reaching goals.

Iteration and Experimentation. Failure IS an option. It is through trial and error that the greatest potential is realized. A4M™ is designed to help you sprint to success several times throughout the quarter to improve operations. Experiment. Learn. Adjust.

Customer Experience. Agile Marketing puts the customer at the center. Create personas and buying journeys to better understand the customer and their motivations.

In his article “The Importance of Continuous Improvement in Marketing,” Ian Linton instructs CMOs to “carry out regular surveys of customer satisfaction and analyze the results to look for areas of weakness where satisfaction levels are low.”

Keeping customers satisfied and gaining new customers means experimenting with new ways to reach them. Agile Marketing analyzes and applies data in an effort to strengthen every customer touch point from ads and apps to call centers.

Did We Mention Iteration? Smaller timeframes and easier-to-manage budgets lead to stacked successes and captured opportunities. Drive and report higher returns on your investment.

Realize Your Potential with CMG

Continuous improvement through agile marketing bring about a company culture more efficient at delivering on goals and focusing the customer. Agile for Marketing is a mindset and methodology that transforms cultures and operations so you can execute more efficiently, champion the customer, and achieve better performance through a data-driven, iterative approach. A4M drives performance though four key elements: flexible planning, customer engagement, empowered teams, and iterative cycles of continuous improvement.

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