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How To Implement a Customer Experience Strategy

No one wants a bad Yelp review. In today’s digital age, a negative customer experience (CX) strategy can have devastating results.

Business leaders who seek to improve their marketing relationships, revamp their customer touchpoints, and provide customer experience management across their entire platform tend to not only get better reviews, but boost their sales by as much as 300%, according to the American Management Association.

Businesses that incorporate customer experience strategies, “have 75% greater customer retention and 65% better customer satisfaction than the average company.”


The business landscape changes every day. Customers demand more reliable results, faster access to brand information, and more platforms to add to their experiences. A customer experience (CX) strategy helps companies keep up-to-date on the newest trends in touchpoints, marketing and brand strategies.

According to the American Management Association, a company with a solid CX management strategy can boost sales by 300%, have 75% greater customer retention, and develop 65% better customer satisfaction than their competitors.

According to the American Management Association, businesses that focus on customer service as a priority can boost sales by as much as 300%, have 75% greater customer retention, and develop 65% better customer satisfaction than competing businesses.

Customer experience is crucial, customer loyalty generates organic growth and every interaction provides a chance to gain new business. By focusing a strategy on touchpoints, revitalizing a company from within, and developing innovative marketing solutions, a company can thrive in a class above the competition.


How to Implement a Customer Experience Strategy

The customer relationship or journey begins the first time he or she experiences a brand through an advertisement and concludes when a purchase of product or services is made. You’d think it’s simple, but advances in technology, corporate structure, and employee management make it very difficult to successfully execute a customer experience strategy.

A good customer experience management strategy shouldn’t begin by looking at the customer first, but by looking at the company as a whole.

Put the CMO First

Companies should look to the CMO as the new CEO as far as marketing is concerned. A great CMO has the ability to lead a team to identify all the touchpoints where customer experience management is needed.

Touchpoint Coordination

CX touchpoints can be anything from emails, to print ads, to websites, to call centers, to company organization and reviews. Do customers rely on this product daily? Is there a personal connection to the brand?

Companies can improve these touchpoints by:

  • Strengthening the brand
  • Creating a unified company structure
  • Communicating easier avenues for customers to experience the brand
  • Researching each touchpoint for consistency and effectiveness

Analyze Data

Collected data and information help a company see what works and what doesn’t. Add muscle. Trim the fat. Useful approaches to customer experience strategies include software that keeps track of customer data and processes, or team-oriented strategic management consultation designed to improve efficiency.

Once your CMO’s team has streamlined touchpoints and identified a company-wide approach to CX, he or she will then devise a strategy to move forward, repeating the process until the company can deliver results every time.

Manage Wisely

Customers can appreciate a tight ship. When a company delivers meaningful experiences, customers grow confident and loyal. Be thoughtful. Be insightful. Be relevant. Be timely. Potential realized.

At CMG, we are dedicated to customer experience from the ground up. We work with your CMO to perform a holistic checkup for your business to make sure every employee’s voice is heard. This leads to better organization, more efficient processes, happier employees, and better served customers.

For companies looking to reach new heights with customer experience strategies, contact CMG strategic marketing consultants today.

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