Moving Forward

Four imperatives driving the success of an organization

As businesses begin to move forward and navigate their newly disrupted markets, we remain committed to accelerating our clients’ success, guided by four imperatives: Focus, Accelerate, Act, and Deploy.

The well-being of teams and customers is every businesses’ greatest collective asset, and they have the responsibility to FOCUS on people, first. It’s we vs me, as organizations acknowledge that we’re dealing with immediate COVID impacts as well as the implications of what it will mean for people, our teams and our customers.

After people, the next highest priority is reducing business risk while securing and driving revenue now. This requires creating and delivering current services and products on demand – or perhaps inventing new products and corresponding sources of demand to counter threats and capture opportunities arising from COVID-19 disruptions and its aftershocks.

As we ACCELERATE, we are utilizing digital transformation efforts to rapidly engage in relevant, value-add ways. Unfortunately, most organizations don’t have the level of digital customer engagement capabilities, or product and solution portfolio, required to retain or generate revenue. Quickly closing caps means running assessments of those capabilities and resources, first, as part of an actionable roadmap.

 Following this evaluation, and the base of our strategic roadmap, we’re now prepared to ACT. We democratize data-driven evidence to enable better decisions and actions in the market, ensuring effectiveness and efficiency in revenue generation and the reduction of risk. They must also develop and utilize data-backed evidence and rapid decisioning structures to decide on near- and medium-term actions, while remaining at the ready to quickly adjust as new evidence is gained.

Finally, after rapidly defining and developing digital-first experiments, we can DEPLOY trials  that enable teams to quickly focus on critical “test-learn-improve” cycles in our disrupted markets. For example, you may try launching a simple marketing campaign, or market testing a new product or offering with a starting collection of consumers.

As we begin to close gaps in customer value and business value, leadership and teams should focus on continuously shrinking improvement cycle time to ensure the enterprise can keep adapting to disrupted markets and the aftershocks.

Organizations who previously took pride in being the disrupters of marketplaces and introducing radically new technologies, approaches, and services are now finding themselves disrupted, but navigating under the guidance of these four imperatives can bring them back on course.