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Developing A Marketing Plan and Strategies

Whether you’re a new business or you’re just ready to rethink your marketing strategy, we’ve got you covered. Developing a marketing strategy is one of the most important things you can do for your business. Priority number one is understanding your most valuable asset — your customers. But before you can understand your customers and improve customer experience, you have to activate CX from the inside and get your employees on board with true corporate-wide CX-DNA transformation.

Putting in the time to develop a marketing plan now will pay dividends in the future. The heavy-lifting is in the careful planning, and working with a marketing team can help boost your chances for success. But how do you know your team is up for the challenge? CMG helps companies empower leadership and march together toward a common goal.

We know CMOs are busy and have incredible responsibilities. Learn how to develop effective marketing strategies that your whole team can get behind and be ready to take ownership at your company. CMG can be the architects of your next big idea!

How to Create an Effective Marketing Plan

Did you know the most important part of developing a marketing strategy is making sure you get it right the first time? It’s essential to do the heavy-lifting in the careful planning, and working with a marketing team can help boost your chances for success. 

Step one, define how your business meets a need for your potential customers. How are you offering something different from your competition? Understand the “why.” Why would people choose you over your competitor? Consider the customer experience and invite everyone on your team to play a role in revamping the DNA or “operating system” of your company.

Second, identify your target customers. But not until you’ve engaged all of your employees. If you’ve been in business for a while, you can look at your current customers and create a customer journey map. But the most effective way to understand your customer and improve the CX experience is to gain insight from your employees. Tracking how a customer finds your business — from the research stage to when he or she makes a purchase — is important, but there’s always something you could be missing in the customer’s journey.

Take a holistic approach to marketing analysis. Each employee’s influence, impact, and engagement shape the CX focus. Before you can dive into customer motivations and demographics, it’s best to understand how to better serve the customer at every level. The face of the company may be smiling at the customer, but the backbone, organs, and brain are operating with conflicting priorities and incentives.

Step three, identify your competition. We’ve helped numerous clients from Philips to Comcast to BP perform competitor analyses and see where they fit in. You’ll want to take a look at what your competitors are doing and look at your own company to see what maturity stage you’re at, to then guide your steps for the future.

Step four, write down the plan. Create a tactical plan with immediate long-term initiatives that will support your business goals while recognizing current initiatives and capital constraints.

An Agile Marketing Strategy Will Make You More Efficient

At CMG, we specialize in helping our clients create Agile for Marketing (A4M) campaigns. This gives you the flexibility to respond to market demands because you work in two-week sprints. It also helps you see what works and what doesn’t, rather than wait for several months for one marketing campaign to finish before evaluating and adjusting your approach.

As experienced marketing practitioners, CMG will help you plan and implement A4M on key initiatives to help your team adopt a more empowered, efficient culture embracing agility and collaborative productivity.

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