A Day in the Life of our Associate: Jaimin

Any consultant will tell you that there isn’t a typical day in our line of work. This is especially true at CMG. As a first-year Associate, you have the opportunity
to work on multiple client projects, engage in business development activities, and work on firm growth initiatives —often at the same time. Despite this, I’ll try to give you an idea of what a typical day is like for me at our unique firm.

Get into our Georgetown office. I like to ease into the day, so I will start by making a cup of coffee (or 2) and browse the web to catch up on industry news. As people start rolling in, there is no shortage of banter going on among my team.

Work time. First piece of business is to prepare for an early afternoon meeting for Project #1: providing data analytics support for a major US telecommunications provider. Right now, we are helping one of their teams forecast their 2017 performance to set their annual targets. My role is to own the development of the Excel model and the corresponding slides. After finishing the slides 15 minutes prior to dialing in, we present our forecast. One of my development goals for the quarter is to build my professional voice, so my manager has me lead the presentation and provides commentary when necessary.

Quick run out to my favorite lunch spot: Chipotle.

Time to work on Project #2: helping a major University create a Marketing Communication Strategy to better engage their current students and young alumni cohorts. The beginning of the project was research heavy: analyzing over 350 documents from the client, conducting stakeholder interviews, and analyzing survey data. Now, I spend my time sifting through all the insights and work on developing the ultimate strategy.

Make another cup of coffee and walk into an internal meeting to present our firm’s Monthly Digital Performance Update. At CMG, everyone is responsible for growing our own business in addition to our client’s. One of my internal roles is to own our digital analytics and lead management to help us engage and convert website visitors into clients. This is one of my favorite parts of the job because I have the opportunity to make recommendations directly to the leadership team at CMG on how we can improve our inbound lead strategy.

Hop on project #3: working on a proposal to help an investment firm that invests in sports-related companies grow one of their ventures. As a sports enthusiast, there could not be a more perfect project. 
As an added bonus, the team is solely comprised of myself and one of the four Partners at CMG. It is quite common at CMG to work directly with members of the Senior team, which gives you the chance to pick their brain and learn from their vast experience.

I send the updated proposal to the partner. At this point in the day, I make the decision to either go home or stay a little longer and return to one of my projects to prepare for the following day.

As you can see, you can be working on a variety of work streams concurrently at CMG causing you to pivot from one to the other throughout a given day. While juggling these priorities can cause occasional stress and long days, the ability to work on different types of projects was the reason I converted from an intern to a full-time Associate after college. It keeps the job fresh and exciting. Furthermore, I believe the diverse experience will allow me to accelerate my development at the outset of my career.

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