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In the world of marketing analysis, the customer is the number one source for innovation. Bad customer experiences (CX) and poor marketing plans have led to companies spending more than $720 million each year on the efficient new strategy of employee engagement programs. For too long, CX has been focused on a top-down approach, which doesn’t fix long-term problems. Customer marketing strategies that reevaluate company goals internally, through cross-functional teams, working together to design customer-based solutions, yield the best results.

Customers are the main focus of any good marketing strategy. But did you know companies are changing how they approach their target marketing? With new changes in the digital landscape, bad customer experiences (CX) can spread like wildfire. Customer analysis plans that get rid of the top-down marketing approach, and reevaluate company goals internally yield the best results.

Did you know market research and customer surveys/tracking studies are becoming a thing of the past? Employee engagement programs strip away the ineffectiveness of the top-down approach to marketing, and reduce the overall amount of bad customer experiences (CX). A customer marketing strategy that reevaluates company goals through cross-functional teams, and engages employees to design customer-based solutions, yields long-term success.

Change Comes from Within

A recent study by the Harvard Business Review strips away the myths of a top-down approach, where legacy methods that start from the external perspective fall short. Customer surveys don’t glean any new information and only serve employees that have direct interaction with customers. According the the study, organizations that are able to skillfully manage the entire customer service operation through a company-wide approach stand to gain:

  • enhanced customer satisfaction
  • reduced churn
  • increased revenue
  • greater employee satisfaction

By focusing efforts internally, and evaluating perspectives from their employees, companies stand to learn how to better serve their customers at every level.

Where can you find customer-based marketing analysis that ensures change? At CMG, we seek to revitalize the company/customer relationship by taking a holistic approach to marketing analysis. Forget everything you know about marketing — we do things differently to help you move up and to the right. Every employee has something to say that is important to the customer experience.

A Holistic Approach to a Customer Analysis Marketing Plan

Just as a doctor can’t evaluate an illness from only checking someone’s forehead, a business can’t make a substantial customer impact without examining every aspect of its company. It’s important to check everything. From the board room to the mail room, each employee has a unique perspective on how to better serve customers.

Our CMG strategy involves the CMO taking on a leadership role in transforming the DNA, or “operating system,” of a company. Each employee’s influence, impact, and engagement shape the CX focus. We share results and explain how employee involvement in CX is beneficial. A company with a stronger, healthier team will not only sprint to success, but stay in the lead.

For companies looking to gain a marketing analysis advantage, strengthen their company, and improve overall CX focus, contact CMG today to unleash your market potential.

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