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When it comes to hiring marketing consultants, finding a company with a proven track record of success is crucial. At CMG, we offer an innovative, hands-on experience to building a better organization through strategic solutions.

Renowned by our clients, our consulting services include a winning two-fold strategy tailored to meet the marketing needs of your company. Typical consulting firms work with prefabricated strategies, but CMG is dedicated to working with you to improve your personalized marketing strategies, optimize your commercialization opportunities and boost your performance. Rise above the competition.

In the new digital landscape of data-driven marketing, there’s no better opportunity to ensure growth than with the guiding hand of marketing services consultants. At CMG, our record of success with the largest names and businesses across multiple industries proves that our strategies are successful, innovative and enduring. Other consulting firms use templates and rigid timelines to throw your business into chaos. We like to think outside the box.

No matter what the opportunity—from strengthening your brand to delivering a successful product launch—we work with you in the trenches to get your ideas sprinting to the finish line. Improve your marketing strategies, optimize your commercialization opportunities and boost your performance with CMG.

At CMG, our marketing services consultants can work with your organization to revitalize your strategies, improve performance and increase your digital footprint—all within a day’s work.

Other marketing consultants use templates and take a cookie cutter approach to company takeover. Not us. We work with you in the trenches to find innovative solutions and strategies that will propel your company up and to the right. Teamwork and collaboration are the cornerstones to success. Improve your marketing strategies, optimize your commercialization opportunities and boost your performance with CMG.

Here’s how our marketing consultants work with you to move your company’s ROI up and to the right.

Strategy Services

Your brand’s connection to your customer is what drives your business. We help you grow naturally into a technology-driven market by crunching the numbers, sifting through data and visiting all the touchpoints that make up the consumer experience.

  • Market Research and Analysis
  • Opportunity Assessment
  • Trend Forecasting
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Brand Strategy and Planning
  • Growth Strategy
  • Digital Strategy
  • Portfolio Optimization

Commercialization Services

We welcome the challenge your competitors set forth. From developing a winning product launch strategy to finding new ways to increase customer loyalty, we put on the gloves and train you to stand up to marketplace challenges.

  • Product Launch
  • Go-to-Market Strategy
  • Consumer Engagement
  • Demand Creation
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Customer Experience Analysis
  • Churn Analysis and Mitigation
  • Customer Retention Programs
  • Loyalty Strategies
  • Cross-sell and Upsell Programs
  • Pricing Strategy

Performance Services

Our holistic approach means working with everyone at all levels of the company to boost performance. Our A4M™ is an iterative approach to generating ideas within your organization using goal-oriented teams. Agile-savvy companies can see up to three times the exponential growth in their ROI using this innovative method and mindset.

  • Agile for Marketing
  • Marketing Efficiency
  • Process Improvement
  • Channel Optimization
  • Campaign Optimization

At CMG, our marketing services consultants know what it takes to get the best results for your company. We thrive on innovation and throw out top-down approaches to business consultation and work from the inside out to reinvigorate your company with fresh ideas. Since 1998, we’ve done business with some of the largest media and communications brands worldwide and have generated more than $1B in revenue. Let’s talk today and reach your goal: Potential Realized.

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