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Your products and services become more valuable as your customers gain new experiences with them. Cross-channel touch points bring new ways to reach your customers, and mapping tools can help you analyze and manage your journey to building a more knowledgeable, seamless customer experience. At CMG, our customer experience tools and services can help move your company up and to the right.

Customer experience mapping tools help manage your daily operations, increase the value of every touch point, and deliver results through iterative processes. At CMG, our services and tools are designed to help you map your company and customer experiences as your business moves up and to the right: where potential is realized.

Cross-channel integration and touchpoint analysis are the foundations of your customer experience mapping toolset. When paired with a team-oriented strategy, you can manage your company with smarter service mapping. At CMG, we work with your teams in the trenches to develop a better marketing strategy designed to increase customer experience, moving your company up and to the right.

Expand Your Customer Experience Toolbox with Touchpoint Analysis

Every touchpoint is a new way to engage and build a lasting relationship between your brand and your customers. Most companies fail to see that customers experience your company horizontally, across organizational boundaries. A company is only as strong as its weakest point. At CMG, we prefer a holistic approach to organizational change to ensure your customer experience mapping tools look inward as well as focus outward.

Our touchpoint analysis discovers opportunities to improve performance and meet the needs of your customers.

Here are a few of our cross-channel tools and services that will better align your company, increase brand perception, and improve your acquisition, retention, and up-sell and cross-sell efforts. Your customers will notice the difference.

CMG Customer Experience Mapping Tools

Agile for Marketing

The road to achieving better customer experiences starts from within. Our Agile for Marketing (A4M™) program is a mindset and methodology designed to change your company culture. Every facet of your company can become a marketable touchpoint designed to increase the customer experience. Our Agile method is an iterative, collaborative four-part process that charts your progress and delivers results:

  • Step 1: Build your teams and delegate leadership.
  • Step 2: Chart your map. Align goals and objectives that focus on customer behavior and cross-channel interactions.
  • Step 3: Sprint to your goals!
  • Step 4: Analyze your data, and restart the process until you get better results for each sprint.

According to Forbes, businesses that utilize an agile strategy as part of their customer experience mapping tools are three times more likely to see market shares increase.

Three Unique Approaches

Map your customer data through our technology-driven solutions. Our strategy services, commercialization services, and performance services all work to achieve higher customer retention and a more organized workflow.

Results That Matter

Manage your findings and reap the rewards of a better campaign. Results don’t just happen overnight, though. A mapping strategy takes time, dedication, and repetition. This process leads to long-term customer loyalty and a more effective workplace.

Our customer experience mapping tools look at the lifetime value of the customer, retention rates, willingness to recommend your brand, segmentation solutions, and more.

Reach Your Potential

Let our customer experience mapping tools empower your company. Achieve excellence by sharpening your process and boosting productivity. Our CMG solutions can help you revitalize your company culture, develop sustainable brand strategies, chart customer journey mapping, and set price points that increase the value of your brands.

Let’s talk and see how we can work together.

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