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When it comes to marketing, your brand is everything. At CMG, we are among the top brand consulting and strategy companies offering a one-of-a-kind, hands-on experience to building a better brand. Recognized by our clients and company CMOs, our brand strategy consultants provide winning strategies tailored to meet the marketing needs of your company.

Typical consulting firms work with pre-fabricated strategies, but CMG is dedicated to assessing business-specific problems with you, in the trenches. Our measured, but agile approach to connecting brands with customers is fueled by not only how we embrace change, but how we create it. Are you ready for your business to create change?

Do you see what your customers see when it comes to your brand? CMG, a top brand strategy company, offers proven, first-class brand strategy consulting services. Unlike other firms, we thrive on a genuine partnership to forge a proven path to brand success through both strategy and a path to full market execution.

Realize your market potential with our brand strategy consultants. Are you ready for your business to stand out?

At CMG, we rise to meet the challenge of changes in the business landscape. We’re a company with nearly 20 years of experience in marketing consulting, and we are skilled at creating customized brand strategies. We have the brainpower and pedigree, but it’s our personality that gives us the razor’s edge. Let our customer-centric approach guide you into the future with confidence.

Advice from Top Brand Strategy Consultants

Your brand is the first thing a consumer sees and it’s the image and characteristics they think of when your business name is mentioned. A weak brand can limit a great company. A great brand from top branding firms can resonate with customers, inspire loyalty, and rejuvenate a company on the edge. But what makes a brand great?

At CMG, we believe brand success among top brand strategy companies includes:

  1. Higher Revenues
  2. Higher Margins
  3. Higher Profits

Even with a strong brand identity, ask yourself if your company is using and celebrating its full potential. As a catalyst for your business transactions, knowing how, where, and why to communicate your brand is essential.

As a leading brand strategy consulting firm, we don’t accept that the “way things have always been done” is an acceptable answer to new marketing challenges. That’s why we urge clients to not only embrace change, but to create it.

Bryan Elliott, with Huffington Post, recently wrote that “stepping outside your comfort zone with a smart strategy and going for it” is one of the best ways CMOs can boost brand visibility. Agile marketers know their customers, but they also know their brands and how to empower leadership.

Our Two-Fold Approach Differs from Brand Consulting Companies

Since 1998, CMG has been rising to meet the challenges of the new digital marketing landscape, with companies like Sprint, State Farm, Virgin, Motorola, and Morgan Stanley, just to name a few. We adopt a different view of branding at CMG than other consulting firms. In fact, we adopt two.

Outside-In View

Our Brand Process takes a look at how your consumers perceive your brand. We take your brand, put it in the best possible light, and conduct thorough consumer testing to diagnose its impact on consumer choice. We also use analysis to determine how much your brand is worth and how to get the best ROI.

But we don’t just focus on the importance of knowing your customer; we believe it is equally or more important that your employees are on board with your brand so everyone can deliver a consistent, positive customer experience.

Inside-Out View

The Inside-Out View in our Brand Process determines what outstanding qualities your brand offers. We want to polish your idea into a diamond through strategic positioning and measuring the health of your brand with your consumer base.

Our Brand Process combines both views to paint a picture of success both internally and externally for your business model.

Brand Diagnostic

Take a few minutes to take our Brand Diagnostic designed to help you discover how to get the most out of your brand by evaluating strengths and open opportunities.

Afterward, let’s talk about how our consulting approach is different from other brand strategy companies or brand consultancy firms, and how we can help you realize the full potential of your brand.

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