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Joining an Agile Marketing group means expanding profits through interactive networking and sharing agile strategy solutions. For over 10 years, agile software has been proving itself in the marketplace as a leading business solution for individuals, startup companies, or those looking to succeed in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

At CMG, our Agile for Marketing (A4M™) group strategies have helped us be seen as innovators for success as we transform operations, drive ROI, and improve customer experiences.

A recent Forbes article mentions that “Sixty-four percent of marketing leaders indicate agility as a high priority, but only 40% rate themselves as agile.” If companies using Agile Marketing solutions are three times more likely to grow their profits, then why aren’t more companies looking to agile strategies?

Agile Marketing groups can help companies connect with others and ease any qualms about getting started with agile. In the ever-expanding digital landscape, connecting with groups is easy. LinkedIn has an active Agile Marketing Group that CMG helps administer. At CMG, our teams work with yours to transform operations through iterative, customer-focused strategies.

Agile for Marketing is a new concept in data-driven marketing, and savvy companies can expect exponential growth when utilizing an Agile Marketing strategy. Quick iteration leads to the best results over time. Agile Marketing groups and consulting firms like CMG open the doors for businesses to connect through Internet networks and meetups to ensure the successful application of agile solutions in transforming company operations, culture, and the customer experience.

CMG is Leading the Way in Agile for Marketing

CMG’s Marketing Performance and Agile for Marketing (A4M™) practice fosters teamwork that quickly transforms company culture and operations for more efficiency, better customer experience, and improved utilization of data. By connecting with others who use an Agile Marketing strategy, businesses can improve results of their agile adoption. Get on top and stay on top.

According to Jennifer Rooney at Forbes, CMOs that apply agile marketing strategies are three times more likely to grow their market worth.

Why not gain the agile advantage today?

Groups and Meetups

There is an active LinkedIn Agile Marketing Group and an Agile Marketing Facebook Group that CMG helps to administer, and others are dedicated to pooling resources, sharing ideas, and focusing on winning Agile for Marketing strategies. gathers various marketing groups based on location. Marketing firms from San Francisco to Moscow can all benefit from experiences gained by meeting other professionals using and developing agile methods. Our own Barre Hardy recently proposed new agile solutions at a group meetup in Boston.

Furthermore, marketing consultants can work with your business to deliver the results you want. Working with your CMO, consultants combine their teams with yours to strategize market solutions.

Agile Methods for Success

Beyond the direct Agile Marketing team-building, a marketing group may help to enrich your agile marketing benefits, including:

  • Customer experience
  • Customer touch points
  • Brand focus
  • Digital transformation
  • Identify marketing strategies
  • Marketing technology
  • Company organization
  • Analytics
  • Checklists for continuity
  • Motivational team-building strategies

At CMG, we work from the inside out of every company to identify strengths and opportunities that will propel your marketing strategy to new heights. Our Agile for Marketing (A4M™) program is a mindset and a methodology that uses a proven approach to identify, strengthen, and create with marketing wins.

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