Analytics and Insights

Developed by marketers, for marketers.

Who We Are

CMG brings to bear deep analytical expertise, significant industry experience, and over 100 years of collective marketing experience to deliver solutions that put our clients in a position to achieve meaningful topline growth.

Empowering Marketers

In today’s fast-paced & cut-throat marketplace, there’s no room for gut feel as a component of marketing decision-making.

When questions abound and expertise is in short supply, CMG answers the call. Blending substantial marketing expertise, robust analytical skill, and significant marketing research chops, we isolate core performance drivers and develop the critical learnings that push marketing performance up and to the right.

Impactful Solutions

We leverage a holistic marketing approach to remedy the performance challenges experienced by today’s lead marketers.

Whether it’s telling the story of your business drivers by disentangling your performance data or providing impactful product & service insights by separating the signal from the noise of the marketplace, CMG is focused on helping our clients obtain the learnings needed to achieve their growth potential.

Our Approach

By itself, raw data doesn’t magically solve problems.

Beyond the technical skill set needed to manipulate and get the most out of your data, our well-rounded marketers can engage at all levels of your organization to ensure the solutions we develop are meaningful and executable across the business.

We isolate specific knowledge gaps, identify critical information sources, and develop a robust framework for translating your information into critical learnings.

Digging deep to dimensionalize specific activities, behaviors and isolate performance issues
Identifying and leveraging the data needed to isolate performance drivers and reveal the impact they’re having on your operating results
Embedding within your organization to ensure organizational alignment and optimal execution
Integrating across marketing, product, engineering, technology, and finance teams to ensure clarity around both capabilities as well as goals & objectives
Moving beyond the “what” to gain a better understanding of the “why,” and a view of “what’s next”
Establishing holistic operational processes that provide critical performance feedback and increasing your team’s ability to act on those insights

Our Team

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Mark Chinn
Deep expertise in marketing strategy and product management in the telecommunications and media spaces to help clients develop data-driven strategies to maximize marketing performance.
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Mark Schweitzer
Demonstrated expertise helping telecom and technology clients build marketing organizations maximize digital growth and execute effective brand launches, product introductions, and market entries.
Ray Taylor
Senior Director
Expertise building and leveraging analytical organizations through the use of technology and leveraging data as a strategic asset to drive marketing performance and capture future growth opportunities.
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Stephen McPhail
Senior Consultant
Proven track record enabling clients in the subscription business space to capture substantial and sustainable top-line results through better pricing and commercial productivity.

Our Clients