Agile for Marketing (A4M)

Build value from your customers’ perspective. Create a sustainable competitive advantage.

What is Agile for Marketing?

A disruptive management approach developed by and for marketers facing increased responsibility and market pressure to create visible value for their customers. Agile for Marketing accelerates revenue growth via a data-driven, iterative approach focused on creating customer value. Increase performance through four key elements of a comprehensive methodology:

  • Flexible Planning

    Adapting to change versus following a plan allows marketers to adjust based on insights and learning.

  • Customer-Driven Engagement

    Prioritizing the needs of the customers, their personas, and buying journeys.

  • Empowered and Accountable Teams

    Teams work together to solve problems, deliver successful outcomes, and improve overall performance.

  • Iterative Learning Cycles

    Active work cycles focus on experimentation, learning, and adjustment.

Download our CMO's Agenda™ research "The Agile Advantage: The Mindset"

Why Use A4M?

Traditional marketing assumes you know what your customer needs in the future. Agile marketing, on the other hand, breaks down big, annual plans and goals into shorter time cycles that allow companies to adapt and change as the market, their customers, and opportunities demand. With smaller timeframes, the risks, budgets, and strategies are easier to manage, measure, and change. It’s not about working faster, it’s about working smarter:

Download our CMO's Agenda research "The Agile Advantage: The Methodology"

Agile Gets Results

Being agile has its advantages. There are several keystone components of marketing that traditional workflows do not allow to flourish. When you go agile, you can expect big results that last. Reported improvements after using A4M:
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Increase Marketing Effectiveness

Learning is a foundation of A4M model and allows teams to gather insight from each delivery into the market. Marketing im pact is enhanced by more experimentation, resulting in better customer knowledge.


Enhance Team Member Satisfaction

With Agile, team members feel more tied to the reason they are doing things, the impact it’s having and a part of the path in getting there. This yields higher satisfaction.


Improve Marketing Efficiency

Empowered, autonomous teams and individuals are collaborative, better decision-makers, and more accountable.


Transform Customer Experiences

A continuous, data-driven focus on the customer ensures that teams know where and how to deliver the best customer experience from the first touch to the last.

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How We Help

As companies explore, evaluate, and adopt A4M as a way to transform their marketing organizations, they find that it can be a challenging, energizing, and rewarding experience. A successful A4M transformation requires commitment, clarity, planning, and certainly strong leadership. As a leading expert in implementing A4M transformations, we’re with you every step of the way.

  • Discovery & Assessment

    Evaluate if Agile for Marketing is right for your organization.

  • A4M Operating System Design

    Develop a customized roadmap and approach to transform your marketing organization.

  • Pilot A4M

    Design and lead a pilot program to test as a new operating system and discover it’s impact on your marketing performance.

  • Training, Coaching, & Consulting

    Our trainers and scrum masters prepare you to take ownership, lead the transformation, and deliver results.

The team has embraced a lot of additional responsibility. Because they own certain things, they drive them differently than they would otherwise. It forces them to look at the business purpose of what they’re doing." Amanda Paull VP of Marketing, Extensis

Additional Resources

If you would like to learn more about Agile for Marketing and what it can accomplish for your business, please take a look at the useful links below.