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Top strategic marketing consultancy firms help organizations make the necessary changes needed to boost their image, sell their products, and gain a wider set of loyal customers. What does CMG offer that other digital brand marketing strategic consulting firms don't?

Our marketing consultant firm stands alone as strategic marketing consultants and innovative agile experts, with our Agile for Marketing (A4M™). Push your company forward with our strategy, commercialization and performance initiatives.

Top Marketing Consulting Firms and Strategic Solutions

Your business is diverse and may not need a complete overhaul. Perhaps you only need help with your brand or digital strategy or need a pricing initiative analysis. No matter what your business needs, our strategic marketing consulting firm can pinpoint with unparalleled accuracy a solution. We believe in honest communication and working together to reach new heights.


Connect your customers with the brands they can trust. Whether we’re diving deep into market research or thinking about a viral digital strategy to hype your new product, we consult with you to develop a forward-moving solution you can be proud of.


Finite resources, hungry competitors, and a shifting marketing landscape are not an issue for us. We encourage the competition to bring their A-game so we can show them how it’s really done. Bring your new products to market with confidence and an iron-clad plan.


We dig deep in the trenches with your marketing team to increase performance from the ground up. Every employee is a team-player with a unique perspective that could potentially benefit your company. We define clear roles, induce rapid learning cycles and offer flexible planning to sprint to your goals.

Revolutionary Practices | Agile for Marketing & Branding 

Our Agile for Marketing (A4M™) transforms operations through flexible planning and rapid, iterative learning cycles that are focused on the customer. A4M is a method and mindset designed to empower teams. Sprint to a more efficient office culture and pump new blood into your marketing strategy every few weeks. Continuous improvement can help your company achieve record ROIs.

A great brand is its own reward. Expand your reach and launch your brand to new heights with our marketing consulting firm’s brand research and analysis. We focus on customer touchpoints to deliver the best customer experience with your brand at every turn. 

Market Research Consulting Firms

Our strategic marketing consulting firm drives growth initiatives across a broad range of industries including education, healthcare, and telecommunications. Our best marketing consultants are here for you and prepared to help drive growth with market research that informs brand marketing and digital strategies.

Think. Do. Move Up and to the Right.

Every day we use our expertise and knowledge to help our clients develop winning strategies. Our marketing consultants are curious thinkers, adaptive doers, and curious analysts. Find the best business consulting firms that partner with you every step of the way. Let’s talk today and help you realize your potential.



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