Build a Better Customer Experience with Customer Journey Mapping

You care about your customers. At CMG, we know that. But do they know that? Most CMOs or marketing directors know that improving the customer's experience starts by mapping the customer's journey. But what if we told you improving CX starts from within your organization? Change the whole DNA of your company culture and activate CX the CMG way.

Customer Journey Mapping Begins Within Your Organization

Legacy methods of integrating customer focus from an external perspective are no longer relevant in today's digital landscape. Rather than conducting customer surveys and focus groups, thriving businesses have to change the game to transform customer experience. Don't just consider how customer-facing employees can improve CX; consider how evaluating all employees' perspectives can better serve customers at every level. 

Learn Your Customers' Stories

You want to build long-term relationships. You offer a great service or product. And you want to meet the needs of your customers. But how can you get in front of the right people at the right time? How will you show them you care? 

Mapping a customer's journey puts the customer front and center. A customer journey map tells the story of his or her experience: from initial contact, through the process of engagement, and into a long-term relationship. 

At CMG, We Understand

The customer journey, also called path to purchase, means identifying how customer behavior and digital media intersect. This may sound overwhelming. But we are experts at teaching organizations more about their customers.

You need to find what works best for your business. There is no single right way to map how customers find you.

In one journey map, a customer may jump straight into researching locations to a nearby store that sells a home theater brand recommended by a trusted friend. Will he or she find you?

In another customer journey map, a customer may spend months passively researching several different kind of cars, and in the month of purchase, he or she may start making phone calls to a few dealerships found online, then visit one location to make a purchase. 

Often, the journey is non-linear. At CMG, we understand this. Our experience as marketing practitioners has taught us the importance of customizing our campaigns. We will help you build your brand and create a tailored strategy that will fit your customers' needs, so you can acquire the right customers and keep them.

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