The Top Brand-Positioning Examples to Revitalize Your Company

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In the world of marketing, a company’s brand can define its entire organization. A great brand strategies example is easy to understand. Or it is as mysterious as it is marketed to be. All that matters is that it aligns with your company’s overarching goals.

Whether your company is looking to gain wider recognition, repair its image, or prove it is a major competitor, these brand strategy examples can help to identify the path to success.

Examples from Top Brand-Positioning Companies

Amy Guettler defines the 6 critical brand-positioning strategies that can revitalize a company brand.

Our Leading Brand Strategy 

At CMG, we work in team-oriented settings with your CMO to identify strengths and opportunities that will propel your brand positioning strategy to new heights. 

A CMG Success Story | Our Brand Strategy Example

Recently a major telecommunications and technology provider sought our team-oriented brand positioning strategy solutions to improve its brand from a problem and solution standpoint. While our client had a major stake in the broadcast and cable game, the brand suffered from low customer experience rating. We changed that with our customer-focused brand strategy.

How did we accomplish this goal?

We helped to reaffirm the company image as a resourceful media provider and an experienced promoter of technology. Our strategy involved:

What did we accomplish?

Our brand strategy involved collaboration at every level. From the break room to the board room, CMG spent four months in the trenches to identify the brand’s underlying purpose, define its core benefit to customers, and evaluated every touchpoint along the road.

With the new brand position in place as a pillar to its internal operations, our client was able to improve employee performance and grow new relationships with their clients. 

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6 Critical Brand Positioning Strategies:

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