Delivering Value To The Customer - The Definition of Agile Marketing

Delivering customer value in the midst of rapidly changing market environments has led to a rise in organizations adopting the principles of agile marketing. Born out of the software industry to help developers adapt to change, marketers are now facing an always-on marketing environment that runs counter to traditional ways of operating. Maintaining the status quo but doing things faster isn’t the answer and therefore many organizations are turning to agile marketing. But why does agile work so well for marketing?

Agile marketing works because it fundamentally helps marketers put the consumer at the center of the business strategy. And the agile methodology enables teams to deliver on customer needs and expectations quickly, iteratively, and efficiently. Facilitating this customer focus ultimately enables faster times to market, greater adaptability, enhanced learning, and better commercial results.

 What is agile marketing?

  • Agile marketing is a mindset and methodology that prioritizes the creation and delivery of value to customers above all else.
  • The goal of agile marketing is to improve learning capability, efficiency, integration, and adaptability to maximize the value created for customers.
  • Agile marketing transforms cultures and operations so teams can execute more efficiently, champion the customer, and achieve better performance through a data-driven, iterative approach.
  • Agile marketing is focused on an outside in approach to decision-making - start small, get customer feedback early and adjust as you go.


Priorities of an agile marketer

The agile marketing mindset is critical to success for any agile marketing organization. Agile marketers share a common set of principles that drive the effectiveness and efficiency of their organization.

  • The highest priority is to satisfy the customer through early and continuous delivery of marketing that solves real problems and delivers value.
  • Engage in continuous planning to adapt to change and to learn what it takes to create customer value.
  • Apply an experimental test and learn approach to validate customer experience improvement, and customer value creation.
  • Deliver marketing programs early and often in a way that maximizes learning and enables teams to make more informed decisions going forward.
  • Align across the business and support the alignment with transparency and communication.
  • Make priorities clear and team members will get a better sense of the role they play in creating value, satisfaction increases, and working relationships with peers are strengthened.
  • Empower teams to do what is best for the customer and organizational success should follow.


The agile marketing methodology

The agile marketing methodology focuses on two key components:

  1. Hypotheses to create value for customers; and,
  2. Rapid learning cycles that enable organizations to quickly test, learn and iterate on what creates value for the customer

Infographic showing how agile marketing organizations focus on two key areas - defining value and rapid learning

This methodology focused on customer value and rapid learning cycles allows teams to deliver against marketing goals through smaller, customer-focused iterative programs that enable learning and improve responsiveness and relevance.


The key to agile success? Realizing it's 80% mindset and 20% methodology

Most agile teams use the agile methodology to manage the volume of work, improve predictability, better manage resources, and improve speed. But the deeper benefit of adopting agile for marketing is that it can and should be used to drive accountability and performance to help deliver true commercial outcomes.

It must be realized that agile is not about doing things faster, it’s about getting better at how you solve business problems, drive superior customer experience, and improve your team’s collaboration and morale.

This is all mindset over methodology. The real agile marketing benefits come from changing how we think, not just how we work. The goal is impact over throughput and always focusing on the customer experience.


Are You Ready for Agile?

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