Where to Find the Best Agile Marketing Meetups

In the ever-changing world of business, one can never be too connected. On, Agile Marketing meetups are quickly becoming a world-wide networking strategy where businesses share winning solutions. Data-driven marketing trends and the growth of technology have lead companies to gain record profits by deploying an agile mindset and methodology.

At a recent Boston Meetup, CMG spoke about operationalizing agile marketing and how Agile for Marketing (A4M™) strategies can help bring businesses quick, profitable solutions.

Recap of the Agile Marketing Meetup in Boston

CMG’s slide show of the Agile Marketing meetup in Boston is full of great information as well as a video that explains how Agile Marketing aids companies in transforming businesses by focusing on culture, employees, customer experience, processes, tools, and measurement.

When these elements all work together, they can make any business work smarter, faster, and become more successful.

How Does It Work?

  • Agile for Marketing (A4M™) builds teams of five to 100+ to figure out better business solutions
  • Change comes from within — The organization culture of the company is redesigned
  • The CMO works with teams to change company behavior (programs, creative, and Web)
  • Strategic drivers align operations
  • Better leadership leads to change
  • Once team goals are aligned and objectives are set, there is a sprint to action
  • The process is repeated monthly, with annual goals and weekly sprints

Approach Impact

As with the four elements, agile is powerful because of its simplicity:

  • Collaborative — Agile Marketing means working together in groups to enact change.
  • Iterative — An experimental approach to business means taking risks and learning strengths and opportunities.
  • Empowering — A confident, motivated employee can get the job done.
  • Customer Experience — Each employee’s interaction with the customer is a focal touch point.

10 Common Pitfalls for Marketing Organizations Adopting Agile

At the meetup, CMG went into detail about the most common mistakes companies make when adopting the Agile for Marketing method.

  1. Unclear objectives and strategy
  2. Noncommittal leadership
  3. Hesitant to change
  4. Inflexible team members
  5. Wrong stakeholders
  6. Insufficient insight
  7. Cautious culture
  8. Impatience
  9. Lack of empowerment
  10. Loose methodology

For more on each pitfall and how they affect the A4M™ process, visit CMG's blog.

A Direct Line To Your Future

At CMG, our strategic marketing consultants have been using the A4M™ mindset and methodology to help FORTUNE 500 and independent businesses alike realize their potential. We help you sharpen the customer experience, drive improved employee performance, and see solutions from new perspectives. Meet up with our consultants for our customized training program, and let’s build a better future through data-driven technology today.  


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