What is Agile Marketing?

What is agile marketing? Today's CMOs have no shortage of responsibilities, so improving efficiency is key to delivering the marketing performance their companies require. To improve their approach, many marketing teams have started using agile methodologies — a process first used by software engineers — to work smarter and market more efficiently. Agile Marketing encourages cross-functional collaboration, shared goals, and empowered teams. 

What is the Agile Marketing Process?

Agile for Marketing (A4M™) is being adopted by CMOs who require more efficiency on their teams in order to perform better. In order to understand exactly what the process means, first let's look at the meaning of agile.

Definition of Agile:

Marked by a ready ability to move with quick, easy grace; having a resourceful and adaptable character. The agile process is native to software developers, and is now being used by other fields. 

Definition of Agile for Marketing:

A mindset and methodology that transforms culture and operations so you can execute more efficiently, champion the customer, and achieve better performance through a data-driven iterative approach.

That sounds ideal, but what does it mean for my business?

Remember when you implemented that marketing campaign and analyzed data to see how the project was going six weeks after launching it? An Agile Marketing approach uses data to analyze what's working and what isn't in a much tighter timeframe. In two-week increments, you are looking for early indicators of near-term trends to determine whether you're headed in the right direction or need to change course. 

CMG conducted interviews with 50 CEOs, CMOs, or VPs at more than 50 U.S. companies between August and November 2012 and found that the winning trait of their success was: agility. 

How Companies use Agile Methodologies

1- Google launches, evaluates, and kills 10 projects each year using the agile method because it allows frequent check-ins and chances to tweak their approach for a more effective strategy.

2- Testing and measuring every offer. conducts continual testing of different versions of its website to see what is performing better and why. 

Benefits of Agile Marketing

  • Puts the customer at the center
  • Each sprint provides an opportunity to learn and adjust: Fail faster, succeed smarter
  • Improve speed of decision-making
  • Reap the benefits of smaller deliverables
  • Adjust your approach based on market feedback
  • Experiment with innovative, new ideas

It's not about working faster. It's about working smarter.

At CMG, we help your company implement Agile methods for your marketing efforts. We can be the architects of your next big idea and help you realize your potential. 




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